• After graduation from the University of Southern California, Chien started his successful awards company at age 22. It was not until age 40 that he became a crystal award designer. What prompted him to start his design career was the lack of originality and inspiration in the marketplace. Chien felt the industry had gone stale and that the market was ready for something more daring. More specifically, his more sophisticated clients were looking for awards that would, Make a Design Statement.

    While Chien never had any formal training in design, he always had a natural instinct for beauty. He believes his lack of formal training is an advantage because he knows of no boundaries or design limitations. By not being limited by a certain school of design, Chien avoids being formulaic in his design process.

    What makes something beautiful? To Chien, the answer lies in proportion, contrast and authenticity. A true design artist doesn’t chase trends, he creates them! He strives to elicit an emotional connection between his clients and his designs.

    No one single style or discipline can describe the Chien J. Wang Crystal Collection. Diversity is what keeps the designs interesting and contemporary. Although Chien’s goal is to be fashion forward with his designs, his ultimate purpose is to inspire.